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I Received a Root Canal, What Can I Eat?
During a root canal, a dentist works to remove the inflamed or infected pulp. After removing the damaged pulp, the specialist cleans the inside of the canal, and afterward fills and seals the space. It is a treatment that is done when the root of a tooth is damaged.

After you have received the procedure, you may be wondering whether or not you should continue with your normal diet. Once you have had a root canal, you need to eat soft foods that need little chewing such as eggs, applesauce, yogurt, and fish. Try to avoid hard and hot foods because they may hurt the teeth. Our dentist may suggest that you avoid eating for the first few hours after the procedure until the numbing agent or anesthesia within the mouth wear off. This way, you won't bite your tongue or cheek.

Talk to us about the root canal procedure and we will answer any concerns you have.

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