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Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a man's smileTeeth whitening refers to using bleaching agents on the teeth to brighten or whiten them. It is an ideal esthetic option for individuals with healthy teeth and gums and no dental restorations. People with yellow-stained teeth respond well to the procedure; however, it is not optional for all people. Teeth whitening consists of a broad spectrum of systems and products, including OTC gels, trays, strips, toothpaste, mouth rinse, and prescribed whitening products. We can help you brighten your smile at Jeffrey Carl DMD.

Dental Whitening Systems

At-home teeth whitening is usually not easy, and the results are not often the desired shade. Home whitening usually works best for front teeth surfaces. Home products like gels, rinses, toothpaste, chewing gum, and whitening strips are purchased locally and contain low bleaching agents like hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. It is important to consult with our dentist first if you have any dental restorations, sensitive teeth, very defined dark teeth, or a single dark tooth.

Whitening toothpaste does not contain bleach and only removes surface staining. It, however, contains polishing chemicals that are effective in removing surface stains and can only achieve one shade lighter for your teeth. Strips and gels contain bleaching agents and are applied on the tooth surface using a brush, and the whitening course takes about two weeks to achieve a brighter look on the teeth. Mouth rinses act more like breath fresheners; however, whitening rinses contain small amounts of bleaching agents and may not be effective in whitening teeth compared to other bleaching products. Trays are dental devices that fit over your teeth. These may be bought or recommended by our dentist. A bleaching gel is filled into these trays, and they are fitted on the teeth for some time, usually a few hours every day at night.

Professional Whitening

Our dentist typically carries out a professional whitening or in-office bleaching procedure, which is the most effective way to get your teeth a few shades lighter and faster. The procedure usually begins with a deep cleaning and examination of the teeth to prepare for the bleaching process. Our dentist typically checks for cavities and the overall health of your oral cavity. Our dentist will then advise to have any dental problems addressed first before undergoing a dental whitening procedure. Our dentist applies the whitening products, which contain high levels of peroxides, to the teeth at intervals and shines a laser, heat, or special dental light to fasten or activate the bleach. During the procedure, our dentist places a dam over your gums to protect them from the bleach and applies the gel at intervals of 20 or 30 minutes each. In-office whitening starts showing results within the first interval. To reach dramatic desired results, the procedure has to be repeated in several dental appointments.

To ensure your teeth remain bright, it is important to avoid staining foods and drinks like wine, coffee, soda, and colored sauces. If you do consume any of these, it is important that you brush your teeth immediately after. Smoking is also known to discolor teeth and affect your oral health. Be sure to brush and floss at least twice a day to ensure teeth remain white for a long period.

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