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Frequent oral cleanings are a valuable part of healthy dental hygiene. Aside from keeping the oral cavity healthy, consistent dental cleanings enable a dental hygienist to assess the mouth's condition, looking out for risks of disease and treating them early before they necessitate a more complex treatment. A dental hygienist performs a teeth cleaning during the routine dental checkup. At , we recommend a dental cleaning at least once every three months to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Importance of Dental Cleanings

People who like to keep their smiles bright probably understand the necessity for regular cleanings. Dental cleanings allow your dental hygienist to examine your mouth for symptoms of oral disease, prevent their development, and keep the teeth and gums in top-notch form. Dental caries is one common reason to visit a dental hygienist for a dental cleaning and checkup. When teeth are not frequently thoroughly cleaned, bacteria builds up on the teeth, especially in between them, and causes damage to the teeth. Damaged teeth have to be filled or extracted, and the gums may be damaged, causing more tooth loss. Gum disease due to bacteria buildup could damage the bone structure causing the teeth to weaken and fall out. To treat this condition, dentists have to perform complex procedures to restore the hard and soft tissues of the dental cavity. Cleanings also help keep the breath fresh, maintain good general health, and help save money, as complex treatments will be avoided through disease prevention.

Types of Dental Cleanings

There are typically two types of dental cleanings: routine cleanings and periodontal maintenance cleanings. A routine cleaning, also known as a prophylaxis cleaning, is carried out by a dental hygienist on patients with healthy teeth and gums to ensure good dental health. During prophylaxis cleaning, the dentist removes plaque, stains, and calculus. Prophylaxis cleaning is not recommended on teeth that have been impacted severely and work excellently to maintain dental health. Regular prophylaxis cleaning once every three months helps ensure plaque and bacteria do not build up. It isn't easy to reach all tooth areas, even with regular home cleaning and flossing. A periodontal maintenance cleaning is often referred to as deep cleaning and is performed on patients with periodontal disease and going through treatment. Periodontal maintenance aims at reducing plaque buildup in the sulcus pockets, gums, and teeth to ensure periodontitis is managed and prevented from worsening. The cleaning procedure entails scaling and root planing procedures to ensure hardened plaque is removed. A gross debridement cleaning refers to a dental procedure where the patient has failed to visit the dentist for a long time, and plaque has hardened on teeth. This procedure can be performed on severely damaged teeth as the first step in treating oral disease. It is also important to maintain a good home dental care routine to ensure bacteria from food debris are removed from the teeth. A home oral care routine entails regular cleaning and flossing of your teeth at least twice per day. After snacking and brushing, mouth rinses may also be used to rinse off food debris and maintain fresh breath. Ensure that you use fluoridated toothpaste as it cleans and also strengthens the enamel and tooth structure. Call us via (541) 918-2361 to book an appointment for a dental cleaning or visit us at [[[CLIENTX:PracticePhone for more inquiries.
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