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Close up 3D rendering of a shaved down tooth being capped with a porcelain dental crownPorcelain is a dental restoration material used by dental professionals. It is used for cosmetic restorations like crowns, and is beneficial because it is biocompatible, sturdy, and insoluble. In making porcelain restorations like crowns, dentists typically combine different shades of the porcelain powder to create a lifelike prosthesis that resembles your natural tooth shade. These porcelain restorations could either be complete porcelain or be fused to metal. For porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, the dark-colored metal portion is masked with consecutive layers of opaque porcelain concealed to give it a natural tooth color.

What You Need to Know About Porcelain Crowns

For patients that require dental crown restorations, a choice between the two types of porcelain is usually made based on their specific conditions and preferences. It is custom-made in the laboratory using impressions taken of your teeth and 3D imaging devices to ensure a precise fit. During the porcelain dental crown installation, the dentist might need to shave off some tooth structure around the entire natural tooth to fit the crown properly. Impacted tooth structures like cavities, fractures, or inflamed pulp are also removed during the preparation of a porcelain crown treatment. After prepping, the patient will book a second appointment to place the crown.

All porcelain crowns offer a nearly perfect color match to your natural teeth. For patients with metal allergies, porcelain crowns are the best choice. All porcelain crowns are mostly preferred for front teeth with minimal biting pressure as they could wear down quickly compared to metal crowns, and they are more susceptible to fractures with time. With these restorations, you do not need to worry about a dark line forming on the gum line as they are solely made of layers of tooth-colored material, thereby blending in well in the oral cavity. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have metal beneath layers of porcelain and is known for forming a dark line beneath the gums, and for aesthetic reasons, they are not preferred for front teeth. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are more robust and durable than all porcelain crowns due to their metal component. Therefore, they can withstand biting and chewing force and are most preferred for posterior teeth.

How Crowns Are Made

In making crowns, porcelain is fused to zirconia, a ceramic that adds strength to the porcelain. Porcelain fused to zirconia is more durable than conventional porcelain crowns and can be used on posterior and front teeth. Patients with metal allergies could also benefit from this option.

Porcelain crowns are used to restore or replace damaged or missing teeth and improve one's appearance and function. A dentist will typically advise you on the need for a dental crown and will generally help develop the best option for you. Porcelain crowns should be well cared for by observing a good dental routine and visiting the dentist regularly for checkups. It is important to know that these restorations could stain or get damaged as normal teeth would. In case of damage to your porcelain crown, visit your dentist immediately to have it checked out. Call us at (541) 918-2361 to book an appointment or visit us at Jeffrey Carl DMD for your dental restorations.
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