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Invisalign for Teens
Invisalign for teens are clear aligners used by orthodontic patients who prefer to have aligners that are almost invisible, as compared to traditional braces. Similar to braces, Invisalign for teens encourages the teeth to align over time, making it a simple and easy-to-use solution and a better alternative to wearing traditional metal braces. At Jeffrey Carl DMD, we specialize in a variety of teen orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign for teens. Dr. Jeffrey Carl and Dr. Carl have years of experience and are well-versed with the best practices when using Invisalign for teens.

Invisalign for Teens vs. Braces

While braces are the more traditional option, the arrival of Invisalign for teens ensures exceptional results. That being said, there are some orthodontic issues that are better corrected with the use of traditional braces, while others can be corrected using Invisalign for teens. To make sure you get the best treatment, it is advised to consult with an orthodontist first who will help shed light on the appropriate way forward.

Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

There are some very obvious reasons why more and more people prefer clear aligners, such as Invisalign for teens, as compared to metal braces.


The first major difference when using Invisalign for teens is the aesthetics and the emotional component that comes along with it. The thought of seeing metal brackets and wires whenever you smile is not desirable for many teens. This is also the main reason why younger children who are getting close to the right age for intervention are often bogged down by the thought of how traditional braces look. While traditional braces do come with the advantage of getting to pick the color of the metal brackets and wires that are going to be attached to your teeth, that's not always enough to convince teens to make an appointment with the orthodontist. Meanwhile, the use of clear aligners such as Invisalign for teens is not easily noticeable, which also makes them more aesthetically pleasing as compared to conventional braces.


In order to straighten teeth, braces and clear aligners need to move the teeth in place, which can cause a certain level of discomfort. That being said, more parents gravitate towards Invisalign for teens because these clear aligners are designed to reduce the level of soreness and discomfort that's traditionally associated with straightening one's smile. Since they are customized to each individual, Invisalign for teens does work faster and encourages quicker recovery as compared to the use of metal braces.

Ease of Use

Invisalign for teens requires the use of 3D technology to customize the aligners to each individual person and their specific treatment plan. Invisalign for teens are comfortable and easy to remove for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. This enables our teenage patients to easily care for their oral hygiene during treatment. There are no food restrictions as is the case with traditional metal braces in which brackets can break off if you bite into something too hard. If your teen is in need of aligning their teeth, contact Jeffrey Carl DMD to schedule an appointment. We will see if Invisalign for teens is the right treatment.
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Invisalign for Teens in Albany OR
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