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Tooth Extractions
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Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliers.Teeth are meant to last us a lifetime; however, you might need your tooth removed if it is too impacted or damaged from decay or injury, and it is not restorable. Our dentist normally performs simple tooth extractions, but for complicated cases of tooth damage, they are likely to refer you to an oral surgeon for specialized care. Wisdom teeth extractions or severely damaged teeth that have spread the infection to neighboring teeth and dental tissues are performed by an oral surgeon. Tooth extractions are common dental procedures. Visit us at Jeffrey Carl DMD for your dental extraction.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Our dentist uses dental tools to remove the tooth from its socket during a simple tooth extraction. Simple extractions are only carried out if the tooth is visible and can be accessed easily. Our dentist uses local anesthesia to numb the pain and reduce discomfort.

Surgical tooth extraction is a more complex procedure where an oral surgeon makes an incision in the soft and hard connective tissues in the patient's mouth to expose an inaccessible tooth. The patient is usually under strong sedation to keep them asleep during the procedure.

After the tooth has been gently rocked and pulled out of the alveolar socket, the dentist will put gauze on the extraction site to stop the bleeding. A surgeon may place some stitches to close the incisions and reattach the tissue flaps for a surgical extraction.

Recovery After Extraction

Recovery after an extraction procedure takes a few days and is not as complicated, especially for low-health-risk individuals. It is important to take prescribed medicine, painkillers, and antibiotics to minimize pain and discomfort and reduce the risk of infection. You can apply an ice pack to your cheek to alleviate swelling and soreness. Patients should also avoid engaging in strenuous activities until after full recovery to ensure they minimize the risk of developing a complication.

Reasons to Get a Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, wisdom teeth may erupt abnormally and cause overcrowding in the mouth. This could be painful and cause dental misalignment as overlapping may occur. Misaligned teeth cause bite problems and a crooked, unpleasing smile. Dental extractions for overcrowded teeth are typically the first step in orthodontic treatment, where an orthodontist manipulates and aligns the teeth to bring symmetry. Suppose dental cavities and decay extend below the gum line into the pulp and the pulp chamber is too damaged for a root canal procedure. In that case, tooth extraction may be recommended to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Some patients may be at risk of infection if their immunity is compromised. For example, patients undergoing chemotherapy may require extraction if a certain tooth is at risk of infection. In severe cases of periodontal disease, where the teeth loosen, an extraction is necessary. A periodontal extraction helps relieve pain from the tooth when chewing due to severely infected gums that can't hold a tooth.

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